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ELKO TRADING, Ltd. (hereinafter ELKO) is a retail and wholesale company, ranking among the leading importers and distributors operating in the ICT market since 1994. It is a major importer and distributor of computer equipment, consumer electronics and assortment of toys and the largest importer and distributor of navigation techniques. Typical customers include ELKO TRADING, both local partners and major distributors, importers, wholesalers and almost all the major hypermarket chains in both the Republic and in Slovakia. Headquarters and Headquarters Company is located in Brno in the new ELKO Trading Centre (June 2006). There are major stores (8,000 m2) and office spaces (700 m2). The company has its own offices in Kutna Hora ( Frydek Mistek ). During its activity in the market ELKO established a wide network of customers. The company currently employs around 40 staff who have extensive professional experience in the business for more than 20 years on the company's market.

The main product focus of the company:

ELKO is a major distributor and supplier of these products, which ranks among the top three suppliers in the Republic and Slovakia:
- Car-hifi electronics
- Small household appliances, white and black household electronics
- Consumer Electronics
- Mobile Phones
- Networking
- Computer equipment (accessories, gaming devices, multimedia, components)
- Toys and entertainment products

Corporate Strategy

The aim is to provide all its customers a highly professional and expertise in the sale of services, but also in marketing, logistics and service support.
Trying to be one step ahead and always offer something extra. The company currently offers its customers ELKO great number of benefits in working together.
ELKO by the motto 'We do not sell products to our customers, we try to help them buy it.'

Benefits of working with the company ELKO
- the possibility of personal donations in the headquarters
- supply in the whole country by the next working day
- Brno delivery within 4 hours after ordering
- supplies the whole country by the next working day
- supply across the EU in 1-3 days
- supply directly from the factories of manufacturers to any destination in Europe
- possibility of ordering goods through merchant: Monday to Thursday to 18:00 Friday 17:00
- possibility of ordering goods through the e-shop WeBLINE (nonstop service - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
- possibility to order goods and self-billing e-shop WeBLINE Monday to Thursday to 17:30 Friday to 16:30, with the delivery of the goods the next working day
- to automatically receive price lists and information
- possibility to monitor the status of claims, payments, orders, these mailings and fund the marketing system WeBLINE

Outstanding service to our partners

In order to support sales and streamline business processes for both the company ELKO TRADING, and the customer, we offer a full range of options for electronic commerce, which gives the relations with our partners to a whole new dimension.

WeBLINE - is a comprehensive ordering system, except where the partner can control the order status, invoices, delivery notes, account marketing, procurement and handling of complaints. This service is available '24/7/365'.

WeBLINE self-billing - each partner can make their orders self-billing 17:30 (Friday 16:30) to guarantee delivery the next day. 

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