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Warranty and RMA conditions of ELKO TRADING, Ltd.

I. General requirement

A RMA procedure in connection with solving RMA is managed with RMA conditions of ELKO TRADING, Ltd.
These RMA conditions are valid only for the goods, when RMA has been applied in warranty.
The basic document for getting RMA solved is filled RMA form. (viz point V)
A customer´s signature on an invoice or a shipping notice confrms taking goods and an assent with RMA conditions of ELKO TRADING, Ltd.
A moment of shifting rights, liability and property regarding delivered goods is managed by international INCOTERMS conditions.

II. A place of RMA demand

A place of RMA application is RMA depatment of ELKO TRADING, Ltd., K terminalu 7, 619 00 Brno. 

III. RMA handling and transport

A customer delivers goods to ELKO TRADING, Ltd. at one's own expense and risk.
Goods of competent RMA will be delivered to a customer at Elko´s own risk and expense.

IV. RMA demanding - RMA procedure

a) Items, where failure is showed during warranty

To demand RMA, there is a need to present filled RMA form. Items for RMA must be complete, in original packing including all documentation and accessories. If these conditions are not kept, ELKO TRADING, Ltd. has no duty to accept items for RMA (RMA procedure has not been started).

b) Discordance with and after delivery

In the case that a customer recieves goods, that is visibly harmed at the time of delivering, he must write up conclusive note with a forwarder about this matter and he also has to inform Logistics Department of ELKO TRADING, Ltd. at gero@elko.cz, phone no. +420548428923 immediately. This procedure must be done in step with INCOTERMS conditions.
If goods is picked up personally, a customer must report immediately.
Later reports and announcements will not be accepted and also damages cannot be covered.
In the case of disonance delivered goods against presented documentation ( incomplete delivery, or another changes of goods) the procedure stays the same. This procedure is valid not only for new goods but also for RMA.

V. Warranty duration and a way for RMA solving - RMA procedure

Warranty duration of each item is put in a shipping notice.
If warranty duration is not put in a shipping notice, then warranty 24 months is valid for all kinds of goods.
A warranty duration always starts on a invoice date and it is extended for a period, when the item has been under RMA procedure. A warranty is not valid and accepted for expendable supplies (medias, cartridges...etc.)

To get RMA solved, a customer must fill a RMA form and send it to ELKO TRADING, Ltd. to the email address: servis@elko.cz. RMA form (Return Material Authorisation) must contain following information:
- Article code of ELKO
- A name of an item
- Serial number
- Invoice number
- Shipping notice no. / Warantee no.
- A description of a failure
- Customer´s information

ELKO TRADING, Ltd. will send back confirmed RMA form in 3 days.
ELKO will confirm and sign which items are under warranty and which are out of it.
Items out of warranty will not be accepted

The goods that are under warranty, pls send to the address:
ELKO TRADING, Ltd., K terminalu 7, 619 00 Brno, Czech Republic.

There must be RMA no. sticked on every cartoon. There also must be a list of sent items regarding each cartoon inside every box. After Elko recieves a delivery, they will check it and they will also inform you about possible differences between a cartoon and an attached list.

RMA procedure can be solved out in 3 ways - fixing of an item, swap or a credit note. Elko is allowed to decide which way of solving will be used.

ELKO TRADING, Ltd. reserves the right for replacement of unrecoverable item for item from different supplier, semilar items with the same or higher technical parameters. If battery is a part of a device, a warranty provided for this battery is 6 months. On the expiry, you can use free service out of warranty for next more 18 months.

VI. Period for RMA adjustment

a) RMA procedure

RMA procedure starts at the day of delivery RMA goods into ELKO TRADING, Ltd., or at the day when differences in a delivery are reported.
The customer must deliver the goods for RMA during 15 days after recieving RMA number. If this this time is not kept, the RMA number will become expired and the customer must repat previous procedure again.
RMA proceedings finish at the day of finishing of all RMA procedures and steps. New warranty starts next day after finishing procedures.
Repaired or swaped goods will be returned to a customer ASAP, the longest until 30 days after recieving from a customer. 

VII. Warranty expiry

- Warranty period have been expired
- Service conditions or current maintenance conditions have been broken, or the item have been used against the attached documaetation mainly a product guide.
- Technical conditions have not been kept for using computers and all their accessories.
- Warrantee label or a bar code has been harmed.
- Not original expendable properties or illegal software have been used
- Unprofessional and unauthorized subject has chiped in the item.
- Invoice or shipping notice have been chiped in by customer
- Goods have been mechanically harmed
- Items have been used undrer infitting conditions (dusty enviroment, high humidity, chemically agresive enviroment, electromagnetic field)
- There will be items taken out of the warranty if they are harmed with natural disaster or some differrent outer events, that have not been caused by seller.
- If firmware, that is not originally from producer or dowloaded from our website, is loaded to you engine, then the warranty expires atomatically

If any upper mentioned reasons are found out, there is a right of ELKO TRADING, Ltd. not to solve this RMA and additional charges in connection with costs for RMA return can be charged. This is also valid for the goods that have not been bought in ELKO TRADING, Ltd.

VIII. Responsibility for data devaluation

When a device is accepted to start RMA, there is a presumption, that customer has made back up of his data.
If back up is not made by customer, he must warn and inform about this fact.
If there is a technical possibility, back up might be made as request.
All costs connected with making back up will be charged to a customer.

IX. Complaints and arguments

If a customer hits any problem, all cases will be solved accoarding to the Czech law.

X. Final provisions

These warranty and RMA conditions are valid from 1st January 2013 and they are related to the goods bought in ELKO TRADING, Ltd. from 1st January 2013 as well.

ELKO TRADING, Ltd. reserves the right of a change in these RMA and warranty conditions.

RMA form

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